Thursday, 1 November 2012

Fed up with paying for a service they don't get

One of the urbanizations involved
SAN ROQUE / Pueblo Nuevo Residents of several urbanizations in Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro are seeking legal advice about the fact that they are being asked to pay an increase in the rubbish collection service by Arcgisa, which they do not receive. The 'door-to-door' service they see on their bills is being charged at €71,81 every three months, or €287 per year. They have complained to the company several times, but have received no corrections on their bills and fear that they will be asked to pay the next period as well. According to the PIVG Councillor in San Roque, Jesús Mayoral, "they should not be charged for this item as they all have containers in which they place their rubbish." He is advising the residents to denounce Arcgisa and Mancomunidad.

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