Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Abandoned, starving mare's owner is denounced

She was feeding a foal somewhere · Couldn't walk, hobbled
LA LÍNEA Prodean, the animal rescue centre, last week denounced the owner of a mare that appeared the week before at their gates. She was malnourished and hobbled. As she couldn't stand, the firefighters had to be called in to hoist her into the centre. She was probably also breast feeding a foal, which did not appear at the same time. The centre's vet decided that the animal was in pain, having probably been beaten with a metal object and may have had her hip broken as she had trouble staying upright.. The hobble had bitten into her skin and she had been that way for some time. Ana Borrallo, representing Prodean, said that it was decided to put her down. "It was very sad," she said. "We hope the owner is found (she was chipped) and punished." This is not an uncommon thing: horses are abandoned frequently. It is essential that the matter be reported to the Servicio de Protección de la Naturaleza de la Guardia Civil (Seprona), so they can act.

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