Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Wild mushroom enthusiasts gather in Jimena for the annual Mycology Workshops

The full programme, in English, is below
JIMENA Jimena's annual Mycology Workshops (that we have called Mushroom Days in the past) get under way on Friday, November 23, and ends on Sunday, 25th. This is an event that attracts wild mushroom enthusiasts to the village every year. They come from all over the country to look for and learn about them. You may not see many wild mushroom pickers about, but you will be able to sample wild mushrooms (or setas) at local restaurants, most if not all of which make an effort at having them on their menus for a few days. Aside from the actual picking out in the cork oak forest, and a visit to the first mushroom market in Spain (yes, it's in Jimena), there are lectures and discussions, as well as a full programme for children. (See full programme below)>>>
A lack of donations for items such as this, and many many more, has led CampoPulse to request a subscription in the near future. Very soon, we will be offering details of how to do so.

(Separate children's programme below)

Friday, 23
19.00 Inaugural ceremony by
        Mr.Federico Fernández Ruiz de Henestrosa, Provincial Delegate for Agriculture, Fishing and the Environment
        Mr. Guillermo Ruiz Ruiz, Mayor of Jimena de la Frontera

19.30 Conference: 'The Ecology of Mushrooms' by Biologist and Mycologist Pablo Pérez Daniels

Saturday, 24
09.00 Set out to Los Alcornocales Nature Park with guides, in buses and all terrain vehicles. From sports pavilion. Previous registration required.

14.00 Return to Jimena. Visit various local restaurants to sample different ways of cooking wild mushrooms.

18.30 Conference: 'Toxicology of Mushrooms in the 21st century' by Dr. José Piqueras Carrasco, toxicologist of the Vals d'Hebron Hospital in Barcelona

20.00 Presentation of the book 'Beginners Guide to the Mycology of Los Alcornocales Nature Park', by its author, Manuel Becerra Parra

Sunday, 25
(In your own time) Visit to the Mycology Market of Jimena, located near the entrance to the main village at bottom of the hill

11.00 Conference: 'The Genus Chantarellus: generalities, curiosities and more common species on the Iberian Peninsula' by Dr. Ibai Olarriaga Ibargurren, Doctor in Biology and Mycology

12.30 Visit to the exhibition of mushrooms collected the previous day with explanations and guidance from experts of Jimena's Chantarella Mycology Association

14.00 Closure ceremony by Mr. Guillermo Ruiz Ruiz, Mayor of Jimena de la Frontera


Friday, 23
18.30 Children's reception and inauguration of the 15th Children's Mycology Workshops, by Ms. María R. Mena Caballero, Jimena de la Frontera's Councillor for the Environment

19.00 Magic by 'Educación Científica', performed by Mr. David Martin

20.00 Chat on mushrooms and about the following day's outing to Los Alcornocales Nature Park, with guides from the Chantarella Mycology Association

20.30 Parents pick children up

Saturday, 24
09.30 Outing to Nature Park, gathering at sports pavilion

13.30 Return from Nature Park & parents pick up children

18.30 Variety of activities for children of all ages

19.00 Guignol performance and activities by 'Victor's Box of Surprises'

20.00 Chat about the morning's outing

20.30 End of day's activities and parents pick up children

Sunday, 25
11.00 Visit to the exhibition of mushrooms collected the previous day with explanations and guidance from experts of Jimena's Chantarella Mycology Association

12.30 Children's activities by 'Victor's Box of Surprises'

14.00 Closure of the Workshops and parents pick up children

  • All conferences are held at the Reina Sofía Cultural Centre in Estación de Jimena
  • All children's activities, except the outing, are based at the Aljibe School just up the street from the Cultural Centre
  • Departures and arrivals to/from field trips at Municipal Sports Pavilion by the fairground at the bottom of the main Jimena hill
  • Chilsdren will not leave their workshop premises without their parents
  • The organization reserves the right to modify or change any of the events in this programme


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