Tuesday, 8 January 2013

CampoPulse leaves Facebook for Google+

EDITORIAL Alberto Bullrich, Prospero, JimenaPulse and CampoPulse are leaving Facebook. If they'd let us, we would erase everything on there, but they won't, so readers, friends and enemies can still leave messages, posts, etc. there but we won't see them. We have moved to Google+ under Alberto's name, and will learn how to use that, which, believe us, is a steep upward learning curve for him. To view our posts, comments, photos, and so on, go to https://plus.google.com/101640408236537106160/posts then bookmark it. The reasons behind this decision is our increasing level of frustration with Facebook, the inanities posted there, the time it takes to navigate when there are better things to do in a day, etc. etc. In any case, we're hard at work getting another site together for launch this month (God and Internet prevailing) that will eventually swallow up CampoPulse and probably our very own pulse as well. That site -SpainInformer.com still under construction and unavailable for viewing - will also appear separately on Google+.

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