Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Spanish Embassy in London opens employment website

LONDON The Spanish Embassy in London recently opened a website with information for Spanish people now living in the UK, but also for those in Spain who might want to move to there to find employment. It lists companies seeking employees, as well as useful advice on interviewing, and several how-tos: banking procedures, registering for social security, rental procedures, etc. The UK has become one of the preferred destinations for a new generation of Spanish emigrants with plenty of qualifications -many are university students- in the 25 to 35 age bracket. The Spanish Consulate in London says there are some 71,000 Spanish citizens living in Britain, a significant increase owing to the crisis. Ambassador Federico Trillo says that if the experiment is successful, it may be applied at other embassies through the world. He and other embassy staff are quick to point out that the website is not aimed at encouraging emigration; the labour market there is 'highly competitive' but there is 'only' a 7.8% unemployment rate, compared to Spain's 26%.

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