Tuesday, 8 January 2013

When is your Mancomunidad due to disappear?

Campo Mancomunidad building,
Los Barrios
MADRID The truthful answer to this question is 'No idea'. With the recent PP victory in Galicia's local elections, Rajoy's government is getting ready to make adjustments (i.e. cutbacks) to the many-layered structure of government, and Galicia will be a guinea pig, apparently. There are 1,432 mancomunidades in Spain, groupings of municipalities of similar political hues, whose functions are questioned mainly because they appear to be mostly places to park dis-elected politicians and bureaucrats with nothing else to do (or who have several full-time salaries for part-time work). There are no figures yet as to how much will be saved by the elimination of these top heavy but several ministers and minions have confirmed that negotiations were started last year with unions, regional and local authorities, and political parties with a view to restructure the State within reforms to the Local Entities Law. (More detailed articles such as this, and many other subjects, will soon be available on SpainInformer.com)

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