Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Another reason Spain is in the mess it's in: Dinner for three at €600

Ex-Mayor Alonso Rojas resigns,
May, 2009
LOS BARRIOS Most of the stories coming out of this beleaguered municipality of the Campo de Gibraltar has to do with money. Or the lack of it. But here's and exception uncovered while researching something else. The present government (it's hard to know what party is in government this week) has denounced the previous government (it was the PSOE) for spending on lavish dinners and lunches, as well as on almost anything else. Some €25,300 was spent on 'food and beverages' at a well known -and expensive- restaurant at Los Cortijillos by former mayor Alonso Rojas and Councillor Diego Manzano. Among the most salient expenses under that column was a dinner for three people back in 2004 totaling about €600 that included €126 for a Reserva wine, plus €52.60 for good cigars. But the bill was put on the municipal slate and the present people in charge have had to pay for it, and all the rest. Another bill for two amounting to €157.30 in May 2004 included €70 on drinks alone. Great management. It partly explains why ex-Mayor Rojas has been sentenced and still has several cases pending.

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