Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Abandoned or illegal cars removed from streets

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TARIFA At the beginning of the month, the local police had removed 31 vehicles from the town's streets, all of them in a state of abandon, or because they have been parked at the same spot for over a month (not allowed in most municipalities), or because they were uninsured and therefore not supposed to be on public roads, or because they could not be moved on their own. There were a large proportion of foreign registered cars among those removed, as well as several motorcycles, a caravan and a trailer. Owners had fifteen days to claim their vehicles, otherwise they would be taken to a breaker's yard for destruction, although owners would still be liable for fines and costs.

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suejimena said...

what about people who have FOUR cars parked,nose to tail,in one street,making it impossible for other people to park their cars anywhere near their homes......they should be made to park any unused car offroad or in garages.