Thursday, 28 February 2013

Campo de Gibraltar gets cooking oil recycling containers

In Jimena this morning
CAMPO DE GIBRALTAR Jimena residents may have noticed some new orange/red containers in several parts of the municipality, where six have been installed recently. Getting rid of used cooking oil has been a problem for most households for a long time. The usual method has been to put it down the sink, but this is very bad for the water tables (one litre of oil can contaminate up to one million litres of water!). Some 114 special containers, with capacity for 420 litres, have been distributed in the Campo de Gibraltar, many at strategic points such as close to municipal markets and at Puntos Limpios (recycling centres). An important part of ARCGISA's Servicio Comarcal de Recogida Selectiva de Aceites Vegetales Usados (Regional Used Vegetable Oil Collection Service) is that bars, restaurants and other such establishments can request a special 25-litre drum that will be exchanged for a clean one at regular intervals. They can ask for it at their nearest ARCGISA office.

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suejimena said...

thats SOOOO funny!!!The local ARCGISA office is never open!!!