Thursday, 28 February 2013

Gibraltar is in Spain ... ooops!

GIBRALTAR It has often been said that British education has completely abandoned Geography as part of any curriculum, among many other such subjects. Whether this incident, reported in The Gibraltar Chronicle, can be blamed on education is ... well, judge for yourself: "A Gibraltarian woman living in Britain who is a UK passport holder has won an unusual battle with the Home Office. When she had filled in her form she was shocked to have a document returned to her which listed her place of birth as: town Gibraltar; country - Spain. She sent it back corrected as pictured. Only after contacting them and making her views clear was this corrected. It appears that this was the default entry in the Home office computer system." (We wonder if the IT boffins at the Home Office can read a map, or do they rely on GoogleMaps, which is also full of errors?)

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