Sunday, 24 February 2013

How to make a Living Will in Spain

SPAIN / ANDALUCÍA In the same way as many other places in the world, in Andalucía a Testamento Vital (also known as Voluntad Vital Anticipada, both, being the same thing, are referred to as Living Wills in English) is a way for you to let others know what you want on the way out of this world, while you are still able to do so. In Andalucía, it is the right of every person of age and capacity, emancipated minor or minor whose maturity allows him or her to make a decision about how he/she wishes medical treatment to be administered when they themselves cannot make the decision clear. (See Andalucía has a ‘dignified death’ law on the law itself.) Here follows a step-by-step guide, translated and interpreted from the 'Guía para hacer la Voluntad Vital Anticipada' as issued by the Health Council of the Junta de Andalucía, which was published in a useful question and answer format. (A more detailed article on this subject will soon be available from, as well as  a guide to the form itself.) (See also Living and Dying in Southern Spain)

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