Friday, 22 February 2013

Slowly but surely, we're recovering from the enforced hiatus

What Blogger did to our stats
Our faithful readers -and plenty of the unfaithful ones, we notice- will know that Blogger, one of Google's myriad children, had us removed for almost a month. We certainly had withdrawal symptoms, so now we're OD-ing, slowly but also surely. Here are some of the things you may have missed: Estimated electricity bills to disappear in April; Spanish Embassy in London opens employment website; How to pay traffic fines; The state of the Spanish nation; address in Congress; Andalucía has a 'dignified death' law; Are there any defaulting owners in your homeowners association?; Is your fish what it's supposed to be? There are several ways to catch up with your favourite site's posts: you can scroll all the way down till you reach 'OLDER POSTS' and click on that for the next page; you can go to the Archive close to the bottom of the sidebar and click on it, then the month you want, where you'll find everything that went up at that time; you can check the Most Popular Posts (last 7 days) on the sidebar to see what everyone else is looking at; you can turn over and go back to sleep, too, if you like...

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