Saturday, 23 February 2013

What is a Complaints Form and how do you use it?

SPAIN / ANDALUCÍA You will have seen the printed sign almost everywhere: ‘This establishment has a Complaints Form which is at the disposal ...‘ But what's it for? It is are an instrument whereby consumers can complain about businesses or services. They inform the relevant consumer protection authorities about an incident or complaint so that the matter can be dealt with. Should the complaint be warranted, the shop or other business will be sanctioned. The forms, which must by law be available to the consumer at all times and may vary in size, shape and so on but not in content, have three essential objectives:>>>

The most usual of many versions, used mainly in tourist areas
(it explains itself in English but must be filled in in Spanish)

  1. They are the first line of defence by the consumer against defects in service, products or activity by a business.
  2. They allow the consumer to leave written evidence of a possible infraction of the law.
  3. They are a way to communicate with the proper authorities that there may be irregularities at the establishment in question, so that they can start an investigation or procedure to protect consumers.

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