Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Jimena Instituto needs native English speakers

JIMENA After 20 years of Prospero volunteering to speak in 'native' English to help students at Instituto Hozgarganta, and never being taken up, a new teacher there has at last admitted that this would be a very good idea. So, we now need several people to come in for maybe an hour at a time to speak to all classes in English, according to a schedule Prospero has been given. This is NOT a full time commitment, and takes place from APRIL 8 TO 12 at various hours of the morning but could take up a whole morning if there aren't enough volunteers. This is a wonderful opportunity to be of help in our community and simply involves such things as reading, listening to pronunciation, answering questions, etc; in some cases the levels are pretty good, not so in others. In any case, it can be enormous fun! Please contact Prospero on, as a comment below - but please leave a contact number or address so he can get back to you.

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