Wednesday, 13 March 2013

'Listen to the Falkland Islanders: Drop Your Claim!’ says Chief Minister

Chief Minister Fabian Picardo
GIBRALTAR (Govertnment press release) "Following a referendum in which the people of the Falkland Islands voted overwhelmingly to remain British, Gibraltar’s Chief Minister, the Hon Fabian Picardo has shown his, and Gibraltar’s, unqualified support for the people of the Falkland Islands. ‘It is clear to the whole world that the people of the Falklands have made a powerful and  robust statement,’ said Mr Picardo. ‘The outcome of this referendum is proof, if any were  needed, of the unanimous desire of this Overseas Territory to remain British. ‘The Falklands Islanders have spoken loud and clear – and they are the only ones whose opinion matters. The United Nations guarantees that the people of self-governing  territories have an ‘Inalienable Right to Self-Determination’ and, for that reason, the world  must listen to the people of the Falklands in their fight against Argentina’s nationalism and sabre-rattling.  ‘The Argentinian Government must now realize – whatever it may say in public to save  face – that the Falklands will stay British for so long as its people desire. Argentina must  therefore now drop its claim to the Islands!  ‘As ever, we in Gibraltar stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of the Falklands as  they always have with us. Neither they, nor we, will ever surrender!’ "

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