Friday, 1 March 2013

New truancy regulations came into effect on February 21

"... and then, what?"
Fines range from €60 to €3,000
CÁDIZ (Province) New regulations on truancy came into force in the province when it was published in the province's official bulletin (BOP) a week ago (when CampoPulse was still 'removed' by Godgle). The salient part of it makes parents liable to fines for allowing their children to be absent from school. These can range from €60 to €750 for leve (light) infringements, from €650 to €1,500 for grave (serious) ones, and from €1,501 to €3,000 for muy graves (very serious). Among the leves is not registering the child for school, not trying to get him/her to school or not acting on suggestions or requirements of social services. The other, more serious fines are based on recurrence. Nevertheless, and although the new rules don't regulate it as such, the text does mention that before any official files (expedientes) are opened, a series of actions should take place, including social work and community involvement aimed at a solution to the problem.

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