Thursday, 14 March 2013

Specialist rice cooks gather for new competition

Rice, the beginning of something good
LOS BARRIOS The first edition of the Certámen Gastronómico Maestros del Arroz, which brings together some of Spain's best rice cooking specialists, is to be held from today at the La Montera Hotel. Dishes ranging from a risotto of fennel with prawns and mango, by young chef Juan Rueda Santiago and scheduled for today, to the menu to be prepared on Sunday by Juan Antonio González Ruiz that includes a sweet rice with king prawns and baby squid. On Friday, Diego Rivero Collado and Fernando Torrejón Camacho, of Tarifa, present a seafood rice preceded by baby clams 'with a hint of olive oil', artichokes with jamón serrano cubes, and other delicacies. On Saturday it is the turn of Antonio Trillo Lara, who has worked at the Royal household and the Moncloa Palace, the seat of government.

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