Thursday, 14 March 2013

Jimena castle work is stopped - why?

JIMENA Work on the restoration of the castle stopped well over a month ago. We are trying to find out why, since all the barricades are still up (if somewhat the worse for wear) and the tourist season starts in just a couple of weeks, at Easter. Access is possible via a pathway up the side of the hill, but that doesn't apply to parking a car up there. With a budget of €1.017.241,38, as it says on the sign, it would seem there is plenty of money to finish work that is very necessary to the village's only tourist attraction. There is a rumour that some new archaeological wonder was unearthed, which might have put a temporary stop to things, but recent heavy rain has apparently done some damage in the area. Councillor for Culture, Pedro Corbacho was unavailable for comment, but we will try to locate him.

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