Thursday, 14 March 2013

Taxi prices to go up by 3.4% this year

Waiting on Blas Infante
ALGECIRAS Taxi rides in Algeciras, or starting there, will be costing a maximum of 3.4% more, which is the CPI (Consumer Price Index, or IPC in its Spanish acronym) for September last year, the annual yardstick. This does not mean that prices will all be going up by that percentage  and close details will not be available until after the Council's session this morning, which will be giving its approval. As an example, a run of, say, €6 (at midday on a weekday), will very likely be going up to €6.16, about 2.6% more, which is considered an average. If the increase is approved by the Council, the revision will also have to be approved by Junta's Dirección General de Relaciones Financieras con las Corporaciones Locales (General Directorate of Financial Relations with Local Corporations).

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