Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The salt of life, or how to get what you need

JIMENA No, this is not about anybody in particular, nor even about the salt of the earth. But it is about being able to get hold of herbs and spices that are otherwise unavailable to the 'normal' shopper (is there one?) on this side of the Gibraltar frontier. While plenty of herbs are easy to grow here - and Spring is round the corner already - and there is a selection at the nearest supermarket, such items as Garam Masala, Piri Piri sauce, Chinese five-spice, mustard seeds, cardamom pods and plenty more, may be difficult to find locally. There is now a solution: You can place an order for anything on the list or by special order at La Tiendecita (Avda. de los Deportes, opposite pool), via e-mail (saldelavidajimena@gmail.com) or via Facebook (Sal de la Vida Jimena). This infomercial is for free (in the hope that an ad will be booked), but if you have something you would like us to write about, please contact us, or make a comment below.

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