Tuesday, 19 March 2013

All Spain’s institutions are discredited, except the Police

King Juan Carlos
SPAIN One of Spain’s largest regional newspaper publishers, the Joly Group, often commissions surveys that are published under the Joly Barometer umbrella. Taken between February 7 and 19, and published earlier this month, the Barometer offered little comfort to Spain’s main institutions regarding the level of trust held by the public. The only two to come out relatively well are the Police and the Armed Forces taken as a whole, about whom seven out of ten surveyed expressed their trust. The poll, carried out by Commentia, allows for comparisons on the evolution of the trust factor since a similar survey took place in 2010, asking the same questions as this latest one.Aside from a generalized mistrust of almost everything, a significant impact has been felt by the Royal Family resulting from the Nóos Case, in which Iñaki Urdangarín, the Duke of Palma and the King’s son-in-law, is accused of financial malfeasance and other dodgy money matters. (More detailed articles such as this will soon be available on SpainInformer.com)

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