Friday, 19 April 2013

Doñana defends itself against water pollution

Dangers at Coto Doñana, by WWF
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ALMONTE (Huelva) Two new water purification plants were opened recently in Europe's largest nature park, Coto Doñana. The objective is to protect the wetlands from nearby agricultural pollution, to be achieved by treating the myriad streams that run through the area and removing the harmful effects of contaminant nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous, which can impact the fauna and flora of places that are extremely sensitive, containing unparalleled riches in protected species. There are other other such purification plants in the area that have been in operation for a number of years, though these two are about six years behind their original schedule. Population in the area has also grown substantially over this time, to some 56,000 in the municipalities of Almonte, Rociana and Bollullos. These three were denounced by WWF, which said that they generate some five million litres of sewage each day, containing contaminants that multiply by eight the levels that are supposedly allowed by regulation. Much of the delay is owed to the Junta's non-payment for a substantial proportion of the costs.

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