Friday, 19 April 2013

Five new judges are assigned to the courts

Courts in Algeciras
ALGECIRAS The courts of this jurisdiction have been undergoing a number of changes this month, although this does not mean an increase in their numbers, which remains the same at 19, despite the clogged arteries of the courts in the area. To those 19 should be added another four who work for the Algeciras section of the Provincial Courts (Audiencia Provincial. The five new judges will be replacing the five who are leaving for different destinations. In Spain, becoming a judge -a separate career from that of a lawyer- is quite an achievement, requiring years of studies and a complex examination system (called oposiciones).One of the new judges, Macarena García, who will take over as support judge at the Court of First Instance number 1, is actually from Algeciras and becomes Spain's youngest judge at age 25.

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