Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Jimena entrance road to get emergency repairs

JIMENA Anyone driving up the hill into the main village will have noticed a dip in the road that seems to get worse every day. The Council announced this morning that emergency repairs will be getting under way very soon and the road is likely to be closed while work is being done. In the meantime, there is now a weight restriction of 5 tons on that section of road. Entrance to the village is now by the 'middle road' or by the campsite. Regular line buses and school buses can no longer use this stretch, which is only about 50 metres from the A-405 crossroad, so passengers and students have to disembark at the bottom of the road, right by the old silo and the new Local Police station. The cause:>>>
Heavy rain caused the subsidence, having washed away the earth to the sides and under drainage tubes that allow water through from the García Bravo stream

Jimena is one of the area's municipalities that has had the highest rainfall in March: 347.9 litres per square metre; 344.9 in San Pablo.

(Thanks to a reader who has kept a record of rainfall in San Pablo since 1987, we are getting a graph together just for history's sake. Don't tell anyone, but March was not the wettest month...)


Jimena es uno de los municipios más afectados por las lluvias de este mes de marzo. El municipio ha registrado durante este mes 347,9 litros por metro cuadrado y en San Pablo 344,9 litros por metro cuadrado.

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