Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Princess Cristina charged in Nóos case

Infanta Cristina
PALMA DE MALLORCA The investigative judge leading the Nóos corruption case that involves the King's son-in-law, José Castro, this morning charged his wife, Infanta (Princess) Cristina, who must appear in court to make a statement on April 27. The matter comes about a week after the royal son-on-law's former partner, Diego Torres, produced evidence of the princess's involvement in the company. Several of the e-mails brought in by Torres, dated February 20 2003, shows that Iñaki Urdangarín, Duke of Palma, sent his wife information about matters pertaining to the daily business of the Nóos Institurte, a supposedly non-profit company of which the royal couple were directors and which is at the centre of the scandal. This, after Urdangarín said that his wife knew 'nothing at all' about the company's daily dealings. (See also: Son-in-law asked King to lean on Bernie Ecclestone)

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