Monday, 22 April 2013

Lacock old music course gets under way

JIMENA The Lacock Courses for Choral and Consort Singers being held this week in Jimena, was opened yesterday with a reception drink at Monica Becko's - and the first rehearsal a little later at the San Francisco church. The course directed by Patrick Craig (who performed at the Thatcher funeral just the other day), which has brought almost 40 people to the village, ends with a concert at that church on Friday, at 8pm, featuring music by Francisco Guerrero (1528 - 1599), Alonso Lobo (1555 - 1617) and Tomás Luis de la Victoria (1548 - 1611). (Photos of the reception below)

Director Patrick Craig, second from left

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PROSPERO said...

On Facebook: Great article Alberto - really sorry I can't be with you all but hope everything goes well. Peter Becko.
Thanks, Peter, see you around here soon!