Monday, 29 April 2013

Lacock Old Music group raise €500 for church roof

(We, too, would prefer a photo of
the concert -have you got one?)
JIMENA The concert offered last Friday by the Lacock Old Music force, hosted by Monica Becko at her magnificent home, El Antiguo Juzgado, raised a round €500 for repairs to the roof of the San Francisco church where it was held. Director Patrick Craig and the entire student body of the course -almost 40 people- were very pleased with the concert itself as well as the money raised, not to mention their delight at the village. There was standing room only at the concert, despite other activities in the village, and the audience was very appreciative of all the efforts made. (If anyone has any photos of the concert, please send them in - we were too busy to take 'em.)

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