Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Another Spanish law ignored: employment for the disabled

(Illustration only)
SPAIN The Spanish Constitution says that there should be equality of opportunity among all Spaniards. And the Law of Integration of the Disabled of 1982 supposedly obliges businesses with 50 or more employees to employ people with some disability at a minimum of 2% of its payroll, classified as such. However, organizations defending the rights of the disabled say that this is very far from the reality, which is becoming increasingly noticeable during the present financial crisis and its inevitable cutbacks. They say that the list of businesses ignoring Article 38 of the Law has grown immeasurably>>>during the last couple of decades, something the then government tried to solve via Royal Decree 27/2000 of 2000, which offers alternatives that include donations to or the obligation to buy at special centres for the disabled (of which we have failed to find any, though they may exist in larger cities), but also failed, at least in terms of its enforcement. As so often in Spain, the law is on the books but unenforced.

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