Sunday, 26 May 2013

Just a (virtual) giggle - it is Sunday, innit?

Customer: "Tell me, is there a spray I can buy for my computer?"
Tech Support: "Er, I beg your pardon?"
Customer: "You know, a spray -- one that I can spray the inside of my computer with."
Tech Support: "What sort of spray are we talking about here?  
I thought perhaps you might have seen someone use a can of compressed air to clean out a machine and mistook it for some sort of spray...">>>
Customer: "Well, I was hoping that there would be a spray that would kill all the viruses."
Tech Support: " mean like a bug spray? For computer viruses?"
Customer: "Yes! Would that help?"
Tech Support: "I'm really very sorry, but nobody makes anything like that. Computer viruses are just a name we give to malicious software. We use the word 'virus' because it explains how the software behaves."
Customer: " spray then."
Tech Support: "No... ermm, sorry."  

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