Monday, 13 May 2013

Quick! There's a vulture on the roof!!

JIMENA We got a phone call: "Erm. Ahm. There's a vulture on our roof - can you help at all?" The roof was on a row of houses on Jimena's most picturesque street, San Sebastián. Well, we weren't in town, so we suggested they try the bar down the road (La Tasca) - no, not for a much needed brandy, but to ask if the Guardia, Seprona, or someone, could be called. When we enquired some time later, the poor injured bird had been chased off the rooftops (possible damage to tiles, it's a big bird) and they were awaiting the people from 'Nature Conservatory', or Seprona. (Photos by Fairlie Gibson, to whom thanks.)

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