Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The history of Jimena in images - a fascinating page!

JIMENA Over the weekend somebody asked us if we'd seen a 'historical' Facebook page. We hadn't, and we forgot about it until this morning, when we looked into our Spanish colleagues over at TioJimeno. And there was a story about Jimena when it was 'reconquered by the Christians (vs. the Moors) in 1431, with illustrations of it at the time. We couldn't resist it, so we went to the page ( and have made a Friend Request; we want to go more deeply into the subject. Not that it isn't fascinating just as it is: >>>
old photos of streets and places we wouldn't recognise today, even something about the Roman statue that was found (and later drilled in the belly button to avoid it being nicked!), and people from all over the world related somehow to the village Prospero calls home, including one from Barcelona who recognises her grandfather and great-grandfather in a very old picture. Etc. etc. etc.

We also notice other Jimena People (of the foreign variety) who have been 'friends' of this site, but haven't seen fit to share it with the rest of us. What is with you that you won't share?

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