Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Help requested for El Risco botanical garden and other needs of agricultural economy

Gates don't keep the vandals out
JIMENA Many foreign residents of the village don't know El Risco (and quite a few of the local inhabitants either, we suspect), one of the village's best walks, and one that will take you up high, to watch flying vultures from above them, on a good day (See Take a Walk on the Wild Side on the old, old JimenaPulse, where you can have some fun looking into the 'past'). And most of those who have done the very easy walk are not aware that near the top is, or was, a botanical garden that was decimated by stupid vandals some time ago. Now the local opposition party, PSOE, have requested help from the Junta de Andalucía to restore what could and should be an excellent tourist attraction for a municipality in sore need of it. The PSOE (with good connections at the Junta thanks to it being run by the same party) also presented Federico Fernández, territorial environmental representative of the Junta, at a meeting last week, requests for help with the briar (cepa) and heather (brezo) sector, as well as to eradicate the 'white fly' plague that is destroying all the chumberas in the area. (See also Botanical garden to get restored and improved, dated June 4, 2009) (Slide show of El Risco walk below, plus how to get there.)

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