Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Reader's comment about road into Jimena

JIMENA (Via Facebook from Sabi Tong on Jimena People) You cannot exit the Jimena down the hill this morning, you have to go all the way round, down the leap of faith etc...but cars CAN come in the normal way (well, on the other side of the road...)" Thanks, Sabi. CampoPulse just spoke to local police and was told they will be tarmacking the other -right- side tomorrow, Thursday. So things will be more or less as they are today.


Jane M: said...

I don't understand why oh why the road pavers can't use one of those alternating traffic lights (one at each end of the now one-way UP road to let traffic alternate go into and out of the village on the route EVERYONE knows and uses always. There are not even any signs above the roundabout where the road (down) is closed. This seems to serve the public better than the way they are doing it (and have been doing it for more than one day).

PROSPERO said...

We're lucky to get any signs at all! Most of them are hand-done... But just wait till you see what I photographed this morning!