Friday, 21 June 2013

No see 'ums, but you feels 'em - when are the midges going away??

SPAIN As though we were the source of all possible information, over the last few days we have been asked many, many times about the midges, or no see 'ums as they same X%="@ insects are called in the US. Most of those who asked when they would be 'going away' were under the impression that they will have gone by now, that is St. John's Day (San Juan). But no, the experts (who gather mostly at the pensioners' day centre) say that the saint involved is none other than Saint Peter (San Pedro) and his mate Saint Paul (San Pablo). But all the answers are here: What is it about St Peter and St Paul?, More about those d****d midges, and All you wanted to know and more, about Ceratopogonidae, and when they go away. By the way, someone told us that they had been watching some golf in Germany on TV, and they were having as much trouble there with the damned things as we are here... cold comfort, but we're not alone.)

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