Sunday, 30 June 2013

What about Diclofenac in Spain?

One of several ways it is presented
SPAIN Recent reports in the UK media come about a fortnight later than similar reports in Spain, though all emanate from the EMA (European Medicines Agency). The warning is a new safety advice for diclofenac-containing medicines that are given by means such as capsules, tablets, suppositories or injections, intended to have an effect on the whole body (known as a systemic effect). The new advice aims to minimise the risks of effects on the heart and circulation from these medicines. One of the most-prescribed pain medications containing diclofenac in Spain goes by the name of Voltarén, and comes in a gel, pills, tablets, etc. A generic version is called Diclofenaco Rubió. You will have heard the advice given through the UK media, so follow that and be sure to ask your doctor if he/she is prescribing it..

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