Monday, 3 June 2013

Why is natural cork so much better?

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LOS ALCORNOCALES The question has been about for a long time, certainly, and more so when 'plastic' corks are gaining ground - or space in the neck of wine bottles. Naturally, there is a local interest in promoting the use of cork from cork oaks, which is why the Los Alcornocales ('Cork Oaks') Nature Park authorities, GDR, have organized a workshop called Naturalmente Corcho (which we translate as Cork, Naturally) for next Wednesday. Aimed at owners and employees of bars and restaurants mainly in Jimena, Castellar and Los Barrios, it is also open to anyone interested in the subject. It is also FREE. The workshop is scheduled to be held at 7pm at the Patio Andaluz Fco. García Lorca, in CASTELLAR NUEVO. Confirmation is requested 956 413 252 , 625 285 615 or e-mail

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