Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Head teacher, a priest, arrested on sexual abuse charges

CÁDIZ The head teacher, a priest, at a school in Cádiz was arrested yesterday for alleged sexual abuse against over a dozen minors between the ages of 12 and 14. According the National Police, the investigation began with a denuncia (complaint) from the parents of a boy, a student at the school, at the police station on July 11. Soon after, several more complaints were made, after which the Family Unit of the police began questioning teachers and staff at the school, which resulted in F.J.L.L., 40, being arrested on Tuesday afternoon. The alleged perpetrator is now 'at the disposal of the courts', accused of crimes against 'moral integrity' and 'sexual indemnity'. Sources close to the order to which he belonged (Salesianos, no English equivalent we can find), say he was fired from his job as soon as it heard about his arrest. Police sources say that there could be several more victims, all of whom were students at the school, and some of whom have reported they were subject to severe corporal punishment as well as sexual molestation.

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