Wednesday, 17 July 2013

His Gibraltarian owners threw him out 'a long time ago'

SPAIN / GIBRALTAR This little fellow, Toby, is chipped. His owners are Gibraltarian, but they refuse to keep him. The owners say they gave him to a friend, who doesn't want him either. Aurora López Manzano, a lone star animal rescue centre all by herself with a couple of friends, has been in touch with the people named on the chip, saying that the dog is in a very bad state and they need to pay for vet fees, etc. Another call had the daughter of the 'owners' saying the dog had been given to a Gibraltar rescue centre, so they're not paying for anything. Toby, who was rescued in Manilva, has injuries on his back, his claws are like corkscrews from neglect, and it is obvious he has been in a bad state for a long time. If there is any way you can help with vet fees, etc. Aurora would be very grateful. (Contact her via her Facebook page, linked above - she has some English but can always use Prospero if need be.)

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PROSPERO said...

Comment from Facebook message (edited): 'Gibraltarians don't all abandon their pets, or mistreat them. Please don't say we do.'
Our answer: 'Nobody said all Gibraltarians do, but, as with everywhere else, there are those who do.'
The correspondent offered to do all she could for Toby.