Thursday, 25 July 2013

Latest on Santiago rail accident: speed of 180/k in 80/k zone; one Briton on board; search for victims over

(Photo: EFE)
SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA Initial assumptions that the cause of this tragic accident (the second worst in Spanish history) was excessive speed seem to be right. One of the drivers -both of whom have only light injuries- has admitted that the train was travelling at 180 k/hour, in a zone marked at 80 k/h as maximum. The latest count is 78 dead, 145 injured, of which 20 are in critical condition, but updates are expected at midday. Blood donors at hospitals throughout the Santiago area have almost collapsed the system after pleas went out for donors. There is as yet no official list of the dead, as proper identification is a must. Two phone numbers are available for information on the injured: 981 551 100 (Police) and 900 101 660 (Renfe, railway). BBC reports that there was at least one Briton on board the train. Rescue services announced at 13.30 that the search for more victims had concluded.

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