Monday, 15 July 2013

Living at the frontier

LA LÍNEA (Europa Sur) Ana María Jiménez has become a feature at the frontier, no longer bothered by police from either side. She says she has already got 2,5000 signatures for her appeal for housing. Earlier in the year she went on a hunger strike, but had to desist on medical advice when she was taken to the hospital. She keeps her little area clean and tidy, sweeping daily. She washes at the beach showers, where she also does her washing-up. Her food comes from charity kitchens - she was refused access to one place where she used the showers because she 'didn't meet the requirements', she asserts. The authorities have offered her shelter but she refused, she says, because it was basically a detox centre. All she asks for is a small house, and has no intention of moving from her spot at the border until she gets it.

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