Monday, 15 July 2013

Massed J.A.W.S. tins on their way to a place near you...

JIMENA The ongoing Jimena Animal Welfare Society project is doing wonderful work (a lovely story coming up later today). Val Jubb, who does  the vast majority of the practical work (i.e. picking up dogs, delivering to vets, feeding and watering abandoned but unapproachable dogs and cats, etc. etc.), is also distributing these collection tins to the following places around Jimena: Campayo Vet Clinic (C/Sevilla, Jimena), Victor's Vet Clinic (Castellar), La Vía Restaurant (Estación de Jimena), Casa Henrietta, Mingo Restaurant, El Anon, La Estación (San Pablo) and La Viña de Liñán. Please give generously, or at least, leave your spare change. (J.A.W.S. also needs volunteers - please comment below!)

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