Monday, 8 July 2013

More on dog fouling and 'official' notices

JIMENA This, believe it or not (we have trouble doing so) is an 'official' 'poster' coming, we understand (and are willing to be mistaken), from the Council, whose official seal it has at top left. You've seen them all over the place. It reads: "We want a village without excrement. Cooperate! The municipality is everyone's." While we applaud the sentiment, and being aware of a lack of readies at the town hall, we cannot but be astonished at the lack of professionalism of the design and execution of the 'poster'. There are plenty of people who would be willing to volunteer their time to make this kind of thing look a lot better than this - all they have to do is ask. More importantly, however, is the reason behind the unusual amount of dog s**t everywhere: there is only one street cleaner, the other one being on holiday. Also true is the nasty habit of opening the door to let the dogs out in the morning, and only allowing it back in in the evening. (Check the translation of the official notice about fines.)

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