Monday, 15 July 2013

Pet charity: 25% down on abandonment thanks to sterilization programme

Recently adopted in Holland
LA LÍNEA Prodean, the pet rescue centre, says that they are 25% down on rescues of abandoned dogs, thanks mainly to the annual sterilization programme they carried out earlier in the year. According to Peter Koekebakker, one of the people behind Prodean, the programme is becoming increasingly effective adding that thanks to a generous donation by a Dutch benefactress, some 500 dogs were neutered, which accounts for the decrease in numbers of abandoned puppies this year. Peter also pointed out that adoptions are not free, as all animals are chipped, wormed, vaccinated, etc. and have a European passport. Most adoptions at Prodean come from Holland, where animal abandonment is practically non-existent. The Dutch arm of Prodean is Animals In Need (in English). (J.A.W.S. also has a happy story - watch this space tomorrow!)

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