Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Coming up on CampoPulse this week, God and the health service willing

Lots of things coming up this week, if possible: the full programme for the Novena at Jimena Estación, the best of all the local 'ferias' (which this is not officially); Can Ceuta and Melilla be compared to Gibraltar?; Is he or isn't he? (is Jimena exMayor José Carracao Chief Minister Fabian Picardo's close advisor and mediator?); Flamenco Festival in Estación de Jimena; latest news on changes to your TV channel availability;>>>
hospital waiting lists get longer in Spain; what's happening at (Jimena) castle?; Jimena Mayor getting married (sorry, ladies, he's taken); plans for returning Jimena to Spanish bullfighting scene; Local Police make much of finding kittens (wow!); Jimena, the village with most shop closures; Seprona confiscates fossils in Castellar. Okay, maybe we won't be getting all of these out this week, particularly when we see the list here is a bit Jimena-heavy, but we will do our best. (For those who haven't quite caught up with us yet, see Just and update - and a lot of gratitude - and don't worry, we haven't caught our own tail yet!)

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