Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Company presents project for hotel complex at Charco Redondo

LOS BARRIOS (Agencies) The Council announced recently that a company called Green Sea Capital S.L. had presented a project to build a hotel complex, or resort, in the area of the Charco Redondo reservoir, partly visible from the Los Barrios-Jerez road and a major source of water for this and other areas. The five star hotel would have 56 rooms distributed among six two-story blocks, all a view toward the reservoir or towards Gibraltar, and would be a boon to the employment situation of the area. In order for what is classified as alojamiento rural, or rural accommodation, to blend in with its surroundings, landscaping is an important feature. The Council, in particular acting Councillor for the Environment Alfonso Pecino (newly re-elected but unlikely to be part of the new Council), says that the project would go a long way to making tourism a sustainable feature of the area, especially as the hotel would be at the edge of Los Alcornocales Nature Park. Political changes at the Council may put this matter to rest. As it is, the presentation of the project just before the elections had many residents smelling an electoral rat.

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