Saturday, 18 June 2011

Bits fall off Jimena's symbolic bell tower

JIMENA (Video by TioJimeno) The last time we mentioned it was on July 28 last year. The fig tree (later, treeS) that was growing there would cause irreparable damage to the delicate, ancient brickwork on our bell tower, we said. We don't like to say we told you so (oh, go on, who doesn't?) but it finally happened. At about 5pm yesterday the bomberos were called in because rubble began to come down. When they arrived they had to deal with all kinds of stuff, including a lot of vegetation you couldn't be see from the ground and mountains of pigeon droppings. Fortunately nobody was hurt, but if the Town Hall were aware of the possible problems - and they certainly were, Prospero himself having pointed it out in person to various then-councillors and the then-Mayor himself - why was nothing done until much damage was done? A possible reason is that the bell tower, once part of a church at that spot, still belongs to the Church...

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