Thursday, 30 June 2011

Gas goes up by 5.7% tonight

SPAIN (Agencies) The price of natural gas (mains) and that of butane (bottled) goes up by 5.7% at midnight tonight, as announced by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce. Gas natural, or mains gas, thus rises by €2.37 per month for the average user (i.e. €28.4 per year), but more for homes using gas for heating, plus cooking and hot water. The price of bottled gas, the famous bombona (in its silver or orange gear) will cost €14.80 as from tonight, a rise of 5.7%, or 80 centimos above the €14 it cost until today. The bombona has gone up by 12.2% since January, compared to 16.6% in all of 2010, a heavy impact on the finances of between 8 and 10 million users in the country.


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