Monday, 6 June 2011

King has successful knee replacement

MADRID (Agencies) King Juan Carlos had a knee replacement operation on Friday and was released from hospital yesterday. He will have to continue with physiotherapy and walking on crutches for a while. The medical team that operated on him at the USP San José Hospital in Madrid was headed by Dr.Ángel Villamor, who said that he had been an excellent patient. The King left the hospital amid jokes about the new design of his crutches, which, he said "even has a horn" and "people get out of the way". The knee replacement is the result of a sports injury King Juan Carlos had in 1991, which had deteriorated with time. Before going in for the operation, the King had a 'barney' with the press, accusing the media of 'wanting him dead' - this in relation to his health, which reporters have been saying was not very good at present. However, in the photo he looks remarkably healthy.

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