Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Facebook, Twitter et al, access restricted in Town Hall

San Roque Town Hall
SAN ROQUE (Agencies) Uploading a photo onto Facebook, chatting via Tuenti, watching something YouTube, or tweeting in Twitter, will no longer be possible at San Roque Town Hall. Access to social media has been stopped since Monday in all municipal departments. The Mayor's office says the measure has to do with data protection as well as encouraging staff to concentrate on their jobs during working hours. Internet acces is not restricted, however, because it is necessary for several departments, but "connection to social media will have to be done at home." The matter has caused ill feeling among a large part of the staff, particularly from departments such as Multimedia, Festivities & Youth and Culture. Some exceptions have been made, though, and there are 19 people who can continue connecting to the networks, usually heads of departments, but they will have to request it and explain the need for it to get authorization.

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