Monday, 11 July 2011

Nick Nolte shot in Sevilla

SEVILLA (Agencies) It's true, Nick Nolte shot a film in Sevilla. Actually, the veteran American actor is still shooting a movie under the direction of  young Spanish director Xavi Puebla. It is called A puerta fría, which can be translated as Cold Call. The movie is about a star salesman who is in a slump and threatened with losing his job, played by Antonio Dechent. Nolte admitted he knew no Spanish and would probably mispronounce the name of his director, but it was nevertheless "an honour to work with these actors." The 70 year old actor, known for his fondness of independent films, added, "It is a terrific experience to work with such good people, and a script of this caliber. It is one of those great European movies you could never find in the US."

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